Campfire Cookery Book Giveaway

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After working with the book Campfire Cookery so much and loving it, we convinced the publisher to send one of you lucky readers a free copy for yourself!

Alls you gotta do is post a comment right here about your favorite thing to cook on a campfire, and “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (if you haven’t already). We’ll check out your ideas (noting the ones that we need to try ourselves), the person with the most appetizing suggestion will get a book in the mail!

We’ll be announcing the winner next Friday 9/23. Good luck and thanks in advance for all the ideas!

17 thoughts on “Campfire Cookery Book Giveaway

  1. We don’t go car camping without making Dirty Gourmet’s Camping Nachos! They are so delicious and fill you up after a long day of climbing, hiking or riding. Pair with a cold beer from the cooler.

  2. The first time I did a long hike was across Yakushima in Spring this year, I pretty much took packets of dehydrated food and trail mix. The trail mix was ok but I quickly decided that I needed to learn how to cook. Unfortunately I haven’t really done that, I did manage vegan sausages which I always make extra and freeze some which are great for 1 day trips or overnight camps and they taste better cooked over fire than in the oven, pan or grill.

  3. Does it count if its one of your recipes? I love making your mac & cheese for a cold night outdoors. I’m also a sucker for fresh hot coffee out of our camping french press :)

  4. Recently made Bananas Foster in a cast iron frying pan over the open fire! It was pretty good – although a little too rummy for some of us.

  5. Not so much on the camp fire, but the camp stove– delicious vegetarian coconut curry with whichever vegetables looked good at the farmers’ market before the trip!
    (Last time we went camping, my husband described our setup as “Camp Iron Chef”…)

  6. My friend and I made your Bananas foster and it was oh so yummy. What a great way to end a delish dinner! Love to camp and cook out!

  7. Every time we go hiking in the Dolly Sods we make this one pot dish. It’s excellent. Israeli couscous mixed with Spanish chorizo, zucchini, yellow squash, and tomatos. It’s always amazing after a long day of hiking!

  8. i went on a tear and made the yummy eggplant caponata, maple olive oil apple chips, and almond flax granola!! it was a delicious weekend in petuluma california! xoxo

  9. I just heard about a new idea I’m looking forward to trying: Throw a beer in your backpack. Drink 1/2 of it, cut the top off, throw in a trout and some seasoning, replace the “lid” and poach the bad boy on the campfire.

  10. Recently my husband and I spent a few days camping in michigan. We loved picking up a premade pizza crust with some red and yellow tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese at the local farmers market. We sliced the tomatoes thin and covered the crust with them. Tore up the cheese and scattered it on top of the tomatoes. Grilling it the over campfire gave it an extra smokey flavor I have only found in wood burning pizza ovens. It was delicious and we are already discussing how we can dress it up differently next time.

  11. Veggie kabobs right over the fire are the best! Drizzle a little olive oil on them and you will have the best grilled veggies ever.
    Twice-baked potatoes pre-made and wrapped in foil. Just throw those on the grill to reheat.
    And finally, forget the hotdogs-steak is the way to go!

  12. My boyfriend and I couldn’t get enough of this campfire flatbread I made on our last trip. I wrapped a garlic bulb in tinfoil and threw it in the fire to roast it. I then spread a couple cloves on some Naan, topped it with some diced tomatoes and kalamata olives, along with chopped fresh basil and a generous sprinkle of parmesan and it couldn’t have been tastier. That day wasn’t a hard paddle so I knew it wasn’t just extreme hunger taste buds at work!

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