Campfire Cookery Giveaway Results

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All righty. Pencils down. We’ve received your comments (on both the website and Facebook), and we appreciated every one of them. I was impressed with how many of you chose one of our recipes as your favorite thing to cook on the campfire. We must be on the right track with this stuff, so thanks for letting us know.
The winner, however, had an idea that is not (yet) posted on our website. It’s so simple, but sounds so good. That’s what I’m learning here, by the way. I always struggle and try to come up with super creative recipes that I’ve never thought of before to test, but I get constantly reminded that that isn’t totally necessary. We are here to adapt favorite recipes for the world of the outdoors, and that means we can use any recipe we want, not just extra unique ones. Plus, most people are really just looking for good food in life, not necessarily something crazy and new. Heck, even I fall into that category. So anyway, thank you to KARA, the winner of this challenge, for providing us with an easy and thoughtful new recipe idea for us all to try out on our next camping trip. Here’s Kara’s comment:

“My boyfriend and I couldn’t get enough of this campfire flatbread I made on our last trip. I wrapped a garlic bulb in tinfoil and threw it in the fire to roast it. I then spread a couple cloves on some Naan, topped it with some diced tomatoes and kalamata olives, along with chopped fresh basil and a generous sprinkle of parmesan and it couldn’t have been tastier. That day wasn’t a hard paddle so I knew it wasn’t just extreme hunger taste buds at work!”

Please do test out your own version and let us know what you did. This sounds like one of those things that would be good in a lot of variations.

Thanks again to all of you who participated. You never know when we’ll have another giveaway so keep on hangin out around here.

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  1. Congrats Kara! based off your recipe post it sounds like you will create some delicious campfire meals with the help of your new prize.

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