A Camping Thanksgiving Menu

Friends around a campfire at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is pretty great, but as you probably know, usually involves a lot of work. A well curated potluck is the ideal way to plan a camping Thanksgiving menu so that delicious food and a good time can be had by all. For our recent Thanksgiving Potluck series with Megan and Michael from Fresh Off The Grid, we decided to focus on the all-important sides. We all know the sides are everyone’s favorite, and they also happen to be a lot more manageable than trying to figure out how to cook a turkey without a proper oven – not that it can’t be done!

Here’s a nice organized list that includes our latest side dish recipes and additional recipes for a complete Thanksgiving menu. Let the cooking begin!


Cocktails to keep you warm for your outdoor Thanksgiving

We think a warming beverage is absolutely necessary while you’re prepping Thanksgiving dinner outdoors. Hot chocolate for the kiddos, and for the rest of us:

Side Dishes

Thanksgiving side dishes in all flavors.

Here is a recap of our recent side dish recipes. Best of all, they can all be made on the campfire.


The main dishes for your Thanksgiving table

These recipes are the perfect centers of attention to accompany the side dishes. They bring needed protein and pizazz to the whole meal.


Even if there is no room, Thanksgiving dessert is a must.

We live for Thanksgiving desserts, but are never excited to have to cook more after eating the rest of the meal. These desserts are super simple to prepare, and can be made ahead of time. They are seasonal and a perfect end to a perfect evening under the stars.

2 thoughts on “A Camping Thanksgiving Menu

  1. Wow, that whole meal looks totally fantastic. We keep saying that one of these years, we’re going to step away from the rest of the family and go enjoy a Thanksgiving outdoors somewhere, but we haven’t quite managed to break the routine yet.

    This is certainly an inspiration. We just need to find another family with young kids to con into joining us!

    1. Hi Mike, we know how important family is on this particular holiday. Since Thanksgiving is part of a long weekend, you could plan to do a trip starting on Friday if necessary. With REI’s new #OptOutside tradition, there’s a lot of people thinking that way. See you outside!

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