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Are you from the LA area? Did you go to Barton Flats when you were a kid? Or with your kids? Most of you did- and for good reason. Its a beautiful and very accessible place that offers lots of activities suited for anyone.

When I worked at High Trails Outdoor Science School, I lived right next to Barton Flats. I always knew it was summer when I’d hike along the ridge at sunset and see all the campfires burning below. After moving to Redlands, we’d still go up to Barton Flats if we needed a quick overnighter or a hike. The Santa Ana River Trail hugs the campground and goes down into the valley, and Jenks Lake is just across the highway if you like to fish or canoe. You can also easily get to the South Fork Trailhead if you’re interested in a long and gorgeous hike up to the top of San Gorgonio Mountain- the highest peak in Southern California. There are ranger programs during the summertime at the adjacent Greyback Amphitheater. I saw one on astronomy and we got to look at Jupiter’s moons through a powerful telescope and watched the MIR Space Station fly by.

Aimee and Emily- Barton Flats

My favorite time to visit Barton Flats starts now (after Labor Day), when the crowds go away. The weather is a perfect 70-80 degrees in the daytime, while we’re usually stuck with a hot Indian Summer down at sea level. The Barton Flats Campground usually stays open until around Thanksgiving, so you can enjoy the entire transition from summer to winter up there. The black oaks are probably already starting to think about brightening their leaves to a Halloween orange along the hiking trails, and if you’re lucky, there’s a small u-pick apple farm nearby that will likely open soon. Its difficult to spot even when they put their “Open” sign out on Highway 38. Don’t forget to make some Caramel Apple Dip before your trip so you can enjoy fresh picked apples in your campsite if you find them.

Building Fire- Barton Flats

I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer. Now’s about when I get over it and wish fall would just come already, but this year I cut my hair short and painted my nails red, and I’m going to make the most of it by playing outdoors while there’s still warmth and light.

Barton Flats View

Barton Flats Campground


Angelus Oaks, CA

Activity Guide

Car Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Peak Bagging, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Stargazing

General Info

Barton Flats is an accessible campground right off of Highway 38 on the way to Big Bear from the LA area. It is great for families who want to get to the mountains without having to drive too far, and gives you a good sense of your local natural areas.


  • Flush Toilets
  • Showers
  • RV Hookups
  • Dump Station
  • Tent Campsites
  • Fire rings
  • Picnic Tables
  • Hiking/Biking Trails
  • Nearby lake

Insider Information

  1. Visit after Labor Day to avoid summer crowds and experience a beautiful transition to Autumn.
  2. There is occasionally a you-pick apple orchard open in the fall on the way up Highway 38 from Redlands. Its on the left hand side of the road near the Glass Road turnoff, and they put a sign out at the turn when they are open. Good luck. I’ve only succeeded twice.
  3. The Santa Ana River is a beautiful hiking destination and can be accessed several times along the trails in the area. Pack a lunch and eat with your feet in the water (but please practice Leave No Trace ethics).

3 thoughts on “Barton Flats Campground

  1. Wow, I hardly recognized that area. I am so used to seeing the streets of Los Angeles when I think of California. Most Californians would need a completely different wardrobe for that place. Not a place for silk, stick to cotton!

    1. Actually, silk makes a really warm base layer, and cotton is never your best friend in the outdoors. So I guess the same wardrobe still applies. 🙂

  2. Our church will be camping at Barton Flat campgrounds July 14 to 17th. I really would like to go but am 71 years old and my “tent days” are gone. I really would like to go to the church activities they are planning and stay as close to the campground as possible. However, we would need a cabin to rent for that period and I want to know of you know of any cabins for rent the closest to Barton Flats?
    How far are they? Also what would be the length of time from the cabins to get to Barton Flats and any other information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    I like planning ahead and do not want to sign up for the trip till I have all the information on cabins.

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