For a Cozy Evening by the Campfire

We like things that are pretty, but that are also functional. Here’s a collection of items to build the ultimate campfire so that you can lounge in style and comfort.

(1) Grandpa’s Fire Fork
This little tool is ingenious – instantly turns a branch or stick into a fire skewer for roasting marshmallows or sausages.

(2) Best Made Axe
Beautifully crafted US made axes made to last a lifetime. For an extra fancy touch, get a custom handle design made for yourself or as a present.

(3) Kermit Chair
Just say no to sitting on the ground or plastic chairs that break after a couple uses. Sit pretty in the Kermit chair made of oak, heavy duty canvas and aluminum. It is completely foldable, and is ideal for car camping and canoe trips.

(4) Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket
I grew up with this blanket not realizing how iconic it has become. These wool blankets been around since the 18th century and were one of the main items traded by Europeans to Native Americans in the fur trade. They have become heirlooms renown for their quality, warmth and resistance to water.

(5) Redbird Strike Anywhere Matches
Apparently reliable strike anywhere matches are hard to come by these days. These Canadian-made matches are the real deal – strike them on any surface to get your campfire going.

(6) Berger 13” German Bucksaw
This saw is for serious wood cutting! Saw those logs down to smaller pieces before getting to work with your axe.

(7) Stikkan Wood Splitter
Once you’ve sawed and felled your wood, it’s time to make some kindling. This wood splitter makes the task a breeze so you can spend more time in front of the campfire.

(8) The Maine Flame Firestarter
An all-natural fire starter made only of wax and kiln-fired sawdust. These lightweight pine tree shaped fire starters light up like a candle and come unscented or in apple, cinnamon, citronella, and balsam scents.

(9) Utility Canvas Blanket
An all-purpose almost indestructible blanket now available in fun prints. Throw it on the ground for an instant picnic or use it to protect your backseat when loading in all that firewood.

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  1. Great post! Quality camp tools will last a life time, buy the best and grow old with them. Just try not to lose them like I do.

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