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Everyone has a routine in morning and ours revolves around peanut butter and jelly toast – whether we are camping or at home. It was during one of our winter camping trips that we realized we needed a toaster. While we were anxiously waiting for the water to boil, I reached for the loaf of bread to get the PB & J going. I discovered rock hard bread that was cold as ice. We attempted to warm up the bread by holding it over the stove flame but just ended up burning our fingers. Next we tried grilling the bread, which worked, but our skillet is not non-stick so it ended up creating a burnt mess on the bottom. That’s how we ended up getting the GSI Stainless Toaster.

The GSI Stainless toaster comes folded flat inside a little re-usable pouch. Once unfolded, the toaster is like a little hollow box with a handle. One side of the toaster has mesh to evenly disperse the heat, and the other side is like a grill. To make toast, place the mesh side down on the heat source (stove, coals or grill) and put your bread on top of the grill side. You can toast up to two standard-sized slices of bread side by side, or one bagel half at a time. To make a nice slice of crispy brown toast, let the bread sit for about a minute on each side, keeping close watch on the prize. It is really easy to burn the bread, especially if you do not have an adjustable flame stove. Another thing to watch out for is the mesh at the bottom of the toaster. It is definitely the most delicate part of the contraption and it can rip easily if handled roughly or if it gets caught on something.

Unlike the Coghlan Camp Stove Toaster or the Camp-A-Toaster, the GSI Stainless Toaster has a handle, which makes it useful for toasting over a campfire. The handle also makes it easy to serve toast without the risk of burning your fingers on hot metal. In addition to making a fine piece of toast, the GSI Stainless Toaster’s flat box design makes it versatile enough to warm tortillas and pastries. I’ve warmed tortillas to make tacos, fajitas and even sandwich wraps, and best of all, it saves you dirtying a skillet. I’m going to try to make a tuna melt or quesadilla on it next.

Whether you are car camping, cycle touring or backpacking, the GSI Stainless Toaster is a great little all season tool to add to your camp kitchen arsenal.

Product Specifications:

  • Folded Dimensions: 6 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 5/8″
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Rust-proof stainless steel construction

3 thoughts on “GSI Stainless Toaster

  1. If you’re debating one of these, check Gander Mountain. They went on clearance this week for $0.97. That’s not a typo, 97 cents. I bought one today.

  2. I’ve used versions of these for years and depending on how constant your coals are, they work pretty well. The Mountain Pie makers work pretty well too and offer a little more forgiveness —- they are the cast iron rectangle that is on a stick and opens and closes. You can do toasted cheese, hot ham sandwiches or just toast.

    Great article.

    Everett De Morier

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