Leo Carrillo State Park- Camping Fact Sheet

Sea anemones at the Headlands

We’re updating our website with a few new things coming up. You may have noticed our recent recipe posts have been slightly shorter posts than usual. We realized that there was a lot of good information in the little stories about our trips, but it was all buried in a non-searchable format. Our answer to that was to start breaking our posts up into recipe posts and camping fact sheets. Here is the first fact sheet about one of our favorite camping locations. It offers more personalized “insider” information that you won’t find easily just by going to the California State Parks website. Enjoy!

Leo Carrillo State Park is one of our favorite locations to camp locally. We go here for many of our large family gatherings, because it has the capacity and amenities to please everyone. It has access to both beach and mountains, so everyone can go off and do whatever activities they prefer. We usually like to go during the off season when its less likely to be fully booked. This is also the place we choose to have many Dirty Gourmet meetings because of the proximity to our houses.

Sea anemones at the Headlands

Leo Carillo State Park


Malibu, CA

Activity Guide

Car Camping, Biking (Road and Mtn), Hiking, Running, Surfing

General Info

- Luxurious Campground
- Great for first-time campers and large groups
- Beautiful lush scenery including hills that offer great views of the Pacific Ocean from the top
- Pricey in relation to many other campgrounds local to LA, but worth it if you want the amenities


  • Flush Toilets
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Sinks
  • General Store on Site

Insider Information

There are many tent sites located in the center of the park. If you reserve two directly across from one another, you basically end up with your own island. Usually these sites are very open in the middle but trees block you from your neighbors to the sides. Great for camping parties.

The tidepools are located directly across the PCH from the campground, and offer the exciting activity of marine animal viewing. You’ll see sea anemones, sea cucumbers, urchins, starfish, hermit crabs, and the occasional octopus if you’re lucky.

Be prepared to reserve a campsite well in advance (3-6 months) for the popular summer season.

6 thoughts on “Leo Carrillo State Park- Camping Fact Sheet

  1. This is a great place. We used to camp at Leo Carillo when I was a kid, very frequently. We have reservations in the next few weeks. I’m so excited!

  2. Stayed at Leo Carillo before though friends but this will be my daughter and I’d first visit on our own! Can’t get in till Sept. but very much looking forward to it! The only question I have is… I thought with every site came a fire pit? Am I mistaken? We will be on site 001. Anybody know if we have a private pit??? Thank you in advance,

    1. @Madalyn, the car camping sites all have private fire pits, but there are some bike camping sites that are walk-in sites, and they may not have fire pits. If you have a reserved site, you will have a firepit. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. is it correct that all sites are okay for tent camping (even if it says it has hookups for an RV)? Which campsites are preferred in the campground (ie, best location to be)?

    Regards, Sandi

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