Madyson’s Gourmet Marshmallow Fluffs

We recently received some fantastic gourmet marshmallows from Madyson’s Marshmallows, called “Chip Fluffs”. “Chip Fluffs” are vanilla bean flavored marshmallows that are filled with chocolate chips, or some other kind of chip, such as peanut butter or butterscotch. We tried two varieties: a chocolate chip stuffed marshmallow, and a peanut butter chip stuffed marshmallow.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Stuffed Marshmallows

This seemed like it had good potential to be a compact campfire treat, so we quickly pulled out the graham crackers and made some smores. The major struggle with smores for many people is how to get the chocolate to melt. I’ve seen some interesting attempts to balance a chocolate bar over the fire. This creation really did the trick. The marshmallow itself was very gourmet and delicious. When it’s roasted, it gets especially gooey inside while the outside layer is thin and crisp. The chips melt beautifully, and don’t fall out. For using in smores, I only wished they had just a little more chocolate or peanut butter.

Melting Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallow

These would be really fun to take on a camping trip, either for smores or just for roasting. Everyone who tastes them is impressed. So thanks for the marshmallows, Madyson! You’ve earned yourself a place among the Ultimate Smores!

23 thoughts on “Madyson’s Gourmet Marshmallow Fluffs

  1. we recently tried making these when we were camping. We used reg. choc. bars and made a slit in the side of the marshmellow and sliped in the choc. put on a roasting stick and roast works great!

  2. @Jenn – I know, I thought so too!

    @MB – Why did I never think of that? Brilliant.

    @Ally – Never heard of that site, but it’s pretty cool. Thx for sharing.

  3. yum, I love toasted marshmallows, all that gooeyness is fabulous. I’ve never thought of stuffing them with chocolate though, what a wonderful idea.

  4. holy moly..i really want to get some of these..vanilla bean marshmallows with chocolate chip inside!!…ultimate camping gourmet treat!

  5. A friend of mine uses Caramilk or Rollos for the chocolate and shortbread cookies or chocolate cookies in place of the graham crackers

  6. I got a stainless steel “Smore Maker” from a ‘big box’ store..It is basically a small metal grill that holds three ‘Smores’ It has a long handle This works PERFECTLY to both roast the marshmallow AND melt the chocolate.
    I have experimented with great results with using organic dark chocolate with nuts and dried berries and mint etc. Also, I tried using “windmill” almond cookies instead of grahams! Thumbs down on that one though as the heat made the cookies soft instead of crispy! If it fun to experiment!

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