We need to be outside. Everyone does. It’s easy to forget, and to tell ourselves we’d rather stay home. The wilderness eases our minds, reduces our stress, strengthens our bodies, and gives us unforgettable experiences that we can’t get unless we walk to them with our own two feet.

Food is an essential part of every adventure. It sustains us through challenges, and gives us the warmth and comfort we’re constantly searching for. There is no more satisfying meal than one you earned in the backcountry. Why not make food a part of the soul-nourishing experience of exploring the outdoors, and create delicious and special recipes for your next camping trip? We’re here to help you do just that.

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I’m a full time momma to toddler twins. I have a background in food science, and I have loved to cook since I was a little one. I have a serious sweet tooth and can’t stop baking. I collect cookbooks, love a good hike, and am really crafty in my head. Picnicking in the park is my favorite way to eat.



I grew up in Quebec, Canada where meat, potatoes and bread are standard fare at the dinner table, especially during the cold 5–6 months of winter. When I moved to California to pursue a career in design, I discovered a totally different climate and cuisine. My newly found independence led to some serious experimenting in the kitchen & outdoors. I’ve since fallen in love with chap chae, risotto, cycling and rock climbing. My dad’s home-cooked Chinese food is my default comfort food but Poutine is a close second.



I’ve never been much for compromising. I majored in both Biology and Philosophy, lived in the snowy mountains of sunny Southern California, and am now incorporating my love of both dirt and being fancy into one idea. I have been working in the outdoor industry for nearly 15 years, and am currently a Sales Manager at REI. My hope for this project is that it will inspire new experiences and discoveries for those who would have only found excuses before, without feeling like it has to be a compromise. You can wear sparkly tights in the desert! They act as a great base layer.

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  1. Hi Emily!
    Just took your class at REI tonight. Thanks for the great info. My wife, son, and I are backpacking Lassen Volcanic NP and Redwood NP in a few weeks. Any tips or ideas on dehydrating meals?

    1. Hi Dino, Thank you for attending my class! I’ll be teaching Dutch Oven Cooking on July 16 if you’re interested, and we may have a few more lined up throughout the summer. I just recently purchased a dehydrator (was using my oven in the past), and so I’m learning a lot of new techniques. Rehydrating seems to be my biggest issue now. One tip is to practice rehydrating at home to get the proportions right. Another is related to anything you plan to powder: dehydrate, then freeze, then grind. I did this with raw eggs last week and they came out perfectly powdered. Have a great trip!

  2. Hi, I’m just started to consider dehydrating foods primarily for dinners for backpacking and wondered which dehydrator you use/recommend? Thanks!

    1. Hi Christina, we haven’t tried too many different types, but I’m happy with my moderately priced Open Country Digital Dehydrator. It is a huge jump up from the ovens and cars I used previously to do the job. The downside is that it’s round, and there’s a hole through the center. If you purchase this one, I highly recommend grabbing an extra pack of Fruit Roll Sheets. I use these all the time for sauces, eggs, and of course, fruit leathers.
      Another one that seems like it would be a fabulous choice is the Excalibur 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator. If you get that one, please let us know what you think of it!

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for this website! I’ve done a lot of camping as child with my family, but I’m about to embark on my first over night hiking experience (5 nights in fact!). I was quite anxious about the food situation, but now I am so excited to be cooking some of your delicious looking recipes. I really can’t wait to try them out!

    1. We’re so happy to hear this, Emma! We want to help change the idea of camping food from the intimidating factor to the motivating one! We hope it all goes well, but that you end up with fun memories even if it doesn’t. Let us know!!

  4. Hi Emily, I am Michelle and I talked to you earlier today on the phone when you were in REI about my camping research project on ‘The Camping Dining Experience’.

    I didn’t know how to contact you back so I am reaching out from your website, I was wondering if you could tell me where you will be camping at this weekend and how long will your camping trip be.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Affandy

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